The ride – Surly ogre

All in the assembly

It started back in January on the way south to Bluff. I tracked down a black Surly ogre  frame from Darren at Bikeinc in Timaru. From there it was a process of researching options (and there are a lot of options), tracking down parts and the slow step by step assembly. This is my second touring bike build in the last three years.

Tough choices

I went big on the wheels and had a set of 29’ers hand built by the team at Wheelworks. They are light, sturdy and sleek.

I’ve used touring ‘butterfly bars’ before on the last build, but this time I wanted something that provided a little more width and control for use off-road.  I trialled two bars; the Soma Clarence bar and the NC-17 Trekking bar.

In terms of comfort they were both superb, but the Soma profile allowed for a number of hand positions and allows me to stretch out to battle the wind.

I thought hard about the brake specification. I was pretty tempted by a set of front and rear AVID BB7 Mechanical disc brakes. These appear pretty standard on off-road touring bikes, but in the end went with a set of Shimano SLX hydraulic.

I’m a Brooks saddle fan having owned a B17 Imperial in the past. This time I wanted something more waterproof so chose the Cambium C17 Carved. It’s stiff and I’m not yet convinced I will last the distance on a big tour.

Time will tell if these were good choices and the only way to really find out is to get out there and ride.

The full and final specification

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What the hell am I doing?

The beginning

I had this idea in January. A personal goal to cycle from Cape Reinga to Bluff alone and unassisted within the year.

I thought from that day to now that if I could get everything assembled and inform enough people, then I wouldn’t have the excuse to get out of it. Basically eliminate the barriers one by one so that in the end the only thing stopping me is me.

So here I am some seven months later with the assembly pretty much completed and although I’ve still got another five months, I need to begin physically preparing myself for this. Getting saddle ready, more physically fit, quitting the cigarettes and planning the route.

So this blog is a first. A way to record the build up to the Cape on the 9th of December and beyond.