Hihi to Orongo Bay

Day three

img_0470-1It blew from the west all night long, roaring through the trees above my tiny tent. Me plus everything else I’m carrying stuffed into this tiny chamber and I had beans for dinner. Now I know what your thinking, but no… it’s all about diet.

So the average bloke needs about 2,500 calories per day to fuel himself without further expansion of the waistline. If I add that to what I’m burning on the bike per day (or about 3,000 calories) then I guess I’m pretty much doubling my intake.

Oh but it’s not just a case of me now eating two steak and cheese pies when I used to have just one! The diet and wellness politburo won’t let me get away with it quite that easily comrades. There are proteins, carb’s, minerals, electrolytes and other pesky things I as yet have no idea about. So where does that leave me… confused.

As a result I have put together a very simple rule for the road: ‘eat heaps, but carry a small load’. As a result I have a lot of dried, powdered and completely indescribable and unimaginable things stored away, like ‘porridge’.

Yip, porridge, and whey powder, green powdered stuff, red powdered stuff, MSM, effervescent thingies to balance my electrolytes, plus freeze dried whatsits where the packaging looks more appetizing than the meal.

So as I churn through this goodness and positively enjoy the benefits and energy it provides me (which I really do), I must also confess to still stopping for the odd pie. Like I did today at Kaio. Yip the Kaio steak and cheese Pieo. It was delicious.

So back to the beginning of my day… 

The early ride consisted of climbing, climbing and then a testosterone fueled fully laden downhill to Whangaroa harbour. Clocking 61.35km/h with an accompanying ‘yipee’ put me in good spirits for the short dash to Kaio.

The shopkeeper selling the Kaio pieo quipped as he fumbled for the change; ‘fueling up are ya?’ I smiled’ said yes and squawfed down my purchase, not really appreciating what he was getting at. Five minutes later I was hauling my butt up a very nasty incline. I definitely needed that little pastry cased battery for the road ahead.
Maybe the earlier idea of doubling my pie intake was right all along.

A few hours later I’m at Pahia and on the ferry to Russell. Not far to camp now. It’s feeling more like summer again.

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  1. Graeme and I have been by that Pohutakawa- lovely photo! Hope you have better weather on next leg to Whagarei.

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