Is that all there is?

With no end in sight, where do I go from here?

img_0167Friday 8:01pm… last orders from a departing sun bursting through my door high on the edge of the Hunua.  It has been quite some time since I wrote the last blog and now that I’ve finished is anyone interested?

In that time I’ve taken the road from Bluff to Rawene, let alone  back to revisit my old life in Ciudad de México. Right now I’m sitting high on the edge of the world, Manukau a reflection of days end in the east as I contemplate an answer to the last question I posed eight weeks ago…

‘Is that all there is?’

People often ask me ‘where am I from?’ and that’s an easy answer, but when they ask ‘where do I live?’ things get abstract… I’m a lost pilgrim, continuously moving with purpose, but without destination. Well not as yet anyway.

‘Is that all there is?’

Years ago I had one of those moments where I asked myself this question. For me the bike trip was part of the answer. So I did it because it was right there in front of me. I did it because it was there to be done and all I had to do was choose to go.

Choosing to go was the hardest part, the going was easy. The memory of it… irreplaceable.

So if you want my advice choose to go. Choose the road.

‘Is that all there is?’

No. There is always a road. For me right now its south and I’m unsatisfied, as I’ve left a whole other island unridden. I feel like a climber reaching a ridge, but never traversing to the summit. Turned back by unseasonable weather, but eager still to return when the conditions improve.

So for me it’s a hikoi south in a season of my choosing and this time I don’t think I’m going alone.

Now… are you interested?

One thought on “Is that all there is?”

  1. Well we are interested, so there.

    Been a hell of a fortnight Pete, with losing Steve Askin. FYI, his brother and some others are planning a hikoi in memory of Steve, maybe in MArch, if your interested.

    Cush and I just been with Steve’s mum Lesley. Lots of tears, lots of laughs too — very special afternoon.

    much love



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