A cause

Why? What is the cause?

I’ve regularly been asked am I doing this for a reason or a cause. My response has always been ‘I’m doing it because I can’. This is true, It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but as I get closer to the start line more and more people keep asking why.

I don’t want to the trip to be overtly driven by a purpose. Call me selfish, but being cause related comes with publicity and expectation. An expectation that it’s some huge feat or has a degree of danger or difficulty. I don’t think it does. It’s not like I’m crossing the Sahara on a unicycle, I’m taking a leisurely roll south for three weeks with the aim of being in Wellington for new year (take a look at my proposed route if you want to know where I’m heading).

In comparison to some of the places I’ve been in my life and the people who have generously opened their homes and souls to me, this feels like a choice, a fun escape perhaps with a little hardship along the way. For some communities in Mexico, there is no escape from hardship, there is little choice. 

A cause

So if anyone is interested in my rambling and wants to follow along then cool!

If anyone thinks I’m mad (which may be the case) and wants to see that I’m in Wellington in time to bring in the New Year, as some kind of dare for a cause, then you can do that to. Let’s make that cause Mexico. If we can all send a few pesos over to the team there, then they can continue the community project development in Santiago Suchilquitongo. 

If you want to make a pledge or get in touch then get in contact! 

Funds for Mexico to date!

8/12/2016 – $450:00 and counting