IMG_3848A small record of Peter Salmon’s adventure on two wheels. Put together for friends, family and those that could possibly be interested.

I got given my first bike when I was about four years of age. I still remember its blue frame and white wheels. Since then I’ve owned a few more, about eight at a count. I’m not one of those serious up-hill down-dale types, I enjoy the ride, the solitude (at times) and the sense of accomplishment that comes with the occasional challenge.

I’ve ridden in a few countries including; New Zealand. United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and more recently Mexico. This also included a chunk of touring.


The League of Clevedon Wheelmen

I’m a proud member of the League of Clevedon Wheelmen. Although the league is mighty small right now, we have big dreams and equally grand plans. This Azinfische blog has become the unofficial channel for the members as they endeavour to complete their bold adventure – the South Island traverse.