This is a record of Peter Salmon’s cycle touring adventures. Assembled for friends, family and those that could possibly be interested in the view from the saddle.

It also serves as the unofficial residence for the League of Clevedon Wheelmen in their pursuit of campaigns, old timey touring and legendary tales. Of which Peter is a member.

He got given his first bike when he was about four years of age, still fondly remembering its sparkly blue frame and white walled wheels. Since then he’s gone on to own a few more, about eight at a count. Not being one of those serious up-hill down-dale types, Peter enjoys the ride, the solitude (at times) and meeting complete strangers as soon to be old friends.

He’s ridden in a few countries including; New Zealand. United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, México and more recently Australia. This also included a good chunk of touring.

If you want to know more about his ride there is a bike spec’ and gear list. Or just make contact for a chat.