Gearing up for new Wheelmen

Tale on two wheels was founded on a pledge made to ride the entire length of New Zealand, over six weeks, unsupported and alone. This ‘solo’ approach determined all decisions that were made over bike, bags and gear, but as we now have a posse of both fresh and experienced Wheelmen signing up for various campaigns (such as the ‘The Double’), other more reasonable approaches can be taken. So ‘management’ have put together a few options to help ‘crackers’ get their gear together.

Posse light

The Posse light approach is to invest in the minimum and rely on old crusty experienced Wheelmen for your own salvation. With the expectation that you may already have a pre-existing bike (rigid or hard tail mountain bike) and a strong desire to have crack. Being a cracker is good.

Lone rider

The Lone rider or solo approach is to set yourself up to ride multi-week campaigns unassisted and unrealiant on anyone or anything, but your own wits. It typically starts with choosing a bike that’s ‘fit for purpose’ and rigging it based on your campaign goals.

Considering your options

The gear

The best way to consider options is to start with gear. This table details a complete gearlist for a Lone rider rig (based on experience) and isolating the minimals required to ride Posse light (assuming another Wheelman is riding Lone rider style, if you get my drift).

[supsystic-tables id=7]

The carry

After gear the next big question is the carry, or what sort of bag system do you invest in. This realistically gets down to a few factors:

  • What you want to ride (single track, trail or road),
  • How long you’re going for (an overnight or a lifetime),
  • And finally how much do you want to spend (cents or dollars).

This table is a relative guide to what carrying system may be best for you, based on the above factors. For crackers, I’d expect bike packing systems would most likely work for a campaign like the double.

[supsystic-tables id=’6′]
If you want a little more background have a look at the links and or the justifications for my own gear list. If you want to check out carry options I’d recommend Burkes cycles.