Reason for a ridin’

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Donate hereLast year I rode 1,700km of the North Island. Three weeks of Gale, sheep rustling and weathered tan lines. It’s December and time to do it all again, but this time its South.

Sure I’m going to ride it. Another 1,700km from Picton to Bluff all in the name of old timey adventure with Horse and bunch of LCW bandits we’ll meet on the road in the high country of Central Otago.

Like last year I get asked why? Why do it? Why self inflict sufferingly sore man bits in the name of nothing, when you could do it in the name of something? ‘For god’s sake man, add an added why?’

So under increasing duress from Horse (The ‘Dean’ Ogilvie) and other Wheelmen (including my mum) I’ve decided to endure endless dusty hours in the saddle for a reason. A reason to last beyond the ride, the road and the wild. Let that reason be México!

A fun’-raisin’ ride where we get to swap saddle sores for old pesos. Follow the LCW adventurers true South in exchange for change.

For all those interested in following the trail of daily posts, we’ll be asking regularly for the odd bent peso we can forward to support youth and community development programmes in the big old city and a few pueblos in the States of Oaxaca and Quintana Roo.

Where does the money go?

100% of all funds raised will be transferred to Fundación ORB A.C. and Tejiendo Alianzas A.C. to support the delivery of youth and community development programmes in Mexico City, and the states of Oaxaca and Quintana Roo.

Want to know more?

I’ve spent years (3 plus) living in and loving México and have many an amigo there. I worked in the establishment of Fundación ORB for my old mate Moises Araf, plus with dear old friends Richard and Sarahi Hanson (Tejiendo Alianzas) in Oaxaca, and the ever lovely Gina Hernandez who is currently on a few new community projects in the Yucatan.


Want to make a donation?

To give a little go to Givealittle! We’ve set up a donation page and will use their fab service to manage the money, so to give a little click on the donate here!