South Island traverse

“Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah”

LOCWI’m not sure but I think mama was more afraid of… me alone on the road in the North island than in the wild back country of Mexico, well this time she will be happy as I have company and good company at that.

Like a scene from an old western I’ve gathered a posse of stragglers from these parts to form the ‘League of Clevedon Wheelmen’ (and women) to join me on the next expedition – ‘The South Island traverse’.

I have a recruited a staunch wheelman in Dean Ogilvie along with his personal support crew of Becc’s and family. Then high on the yellowing southern steppe we’ll rendezvous with the Healy’s (another Clevedon posse) who will join us to ride out into the last of the dusty setting sun of 17.

Another twenty one days of toil

The route will be another gnarly wiggle through the South, with more off road than on, compared to last years traverse. A map will be forthcoming!